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mindful business community

HÜMN BIZ circle

Growing your business is a journey, and not one you can do alone. It takes a village! We are building a mindful business community to offset the all-too-common isolation and burnout of entrepreneurship, creating a new culture of deep social support while providing proven, practical skills for business success.

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in the HÜMN biz circle you will...

  • Build a successful business sharing your gifts that is purposeful AND profitable

  • Make the world better while making a thriving living

  • Create a work style and schedule that supports you, your business, and your clients while leaving space for your humanity and a beautiful life

  • Enjoy the freedom and autonomy of an entrepreneur while still being supported by a team and community


community love

"The insights, guidance, and support have been invaluable. Dani is experienced, wise, attentive, and aligned with a top-notch team that helped me build my entire online school! "

Mike Cohen, Kirtan Leader Institute

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we're putting the personal back in business

our approach

Last time we checked, business is entirely run by... people.
It's about time we started acting like it! We're flipping traditional business on it's head and coming back to the heart of our working lives, taking care of the living breathing human beings that make it all happen.

Our mission? Heal the business community from the loneliness, burnout and lack of clarity we so often feel in entrepreneurship, and replacing it with a powerful, inspiring professional community working together for collective change.

The HÜMN Biz Circle feels like a gathering of work besties: a place where you can be your true self while enjoying the perks of a team. Picture this: expert guidance, genuine connections, and access to business resources, while still enjoying the flexibility and independence of working for yourself.We're here to prove that being human and making a living go hand-in-hand. In HÜMN Biz, you're not a customer – you're a co-creator of a brighter, more regenerative way of working and living together. Let's roll up our sleeves, lean into our humanity, and craft businesses that not only sustain us but also enrich our communities and our lives.

what's inside
HÜMN Biz Circle?


Guidance from Values-Aligned Business Experts


Weekly Virtual Coworking Meetups


Community Forum for Real-Time Support & Feedback

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Monthly Masterclass w/ Group Coaching Sessions


Business Resource & Template Library


Discounts on Consulting, Services, and Online Courses

HÜMN Biz Circle

SLIDING SCALE $25-$100/month

Growing your business is a journey, and not one to take alone. It takes a village! At HÜMNKIND, we recognize the power of community to offset the all-too-common isolation and burnout of entrepreneurship, creating new cultures of deep support and creative inspiration for your business.


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Learn the 8 Essential Elements of a thriving, Living Business! Get a powerful, actionable snapshot of the health of your business today, and clear direction of where to invest your energy to live your purpose and reach your goals this year.

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